About Miles by Foot
Miles by Foot is a travel blog with a twist.  It’s about seeing new and familiar places alike, but we’re getting there on foot instead.  As mass transit and cars take over the roads, walking is seen as a secondary form of getting around.  However, as the most basic, primitive way for humans to get around, I believe we should embrace this type of conveyance.  When you walk, time slows down and you’re offered the rare opportunity to really see the world around you.  Every street corner offers a different landscape and the details of the world come into full relief.  You’ll never look at that route the same way again, and you’ll feel an unequaled sense of accomplishment.  

This blog contains personally walking journeys I’ve taken around my hometown, Louisville, Kentucky, and it will eventually contain walking journeys from nearby places.  I’ve documented some of my walks in the past, and those will appear, too, as time permits. 

About Me
I’m Matt, and I want to thank you for visiting Miles by Foot!  I’m a lifelong walker, hiker, traveler, and writer.  From a young age, I was taught the importance of seeking the unusual and the unique.  As an avid walker, I hope to share unusual walks around my community and the world with you.  

I’m a bit of a travel geek; I’m one of those people who will sit and look up flights to different parts of the world “just for fun.”   I’ll draw a path across a map for walking, driving, or through public transit to places around the country and consider the feasibility of the trip, no matter how outlandish.  I have a travel itch, and this is one way for me to scratch it.  I have a long pedigree of travel; my parents have always encouraged me to travel and see the world as much as I can.  My wife, who herself came up with Miles By Foot and the concept, comes from a family of lifelong Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.  I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to thirty-seven U.S. states and seventeen countries in my young life, and I hope to travel to many more places in the future.

I hope you enjoy my journeys, and I encourage you to take some of your own.  The world around you is waiting.

- Matt

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